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NOTE-N-JOY™ - Mini Portable Printer

NOTE-N-JOY™ - Mini Portable Printer

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🎓 Designed for Students
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Meet Note-N-Joy™ from Doodle Buddy

A mini printer with mighty potential! From compressing lecture notes to capturing fleeting creative sparks, Note-N-Joy™ makes it all stick. Quickly draft meeting reminders, craft educational stickers, or print adhesive-backed mementos. Stick your thoughts, ideas, and notes wherever inspiration strikes.

Inside the Box:

  • 1x Note-N-Joy™ Portable Printer
  • 1x USB Charging Cable
  • 1x Roll of Adhesive Sticker Paper
  • 1x User-Friendly Instruction Manual


Material: ABS
Color: Green/Pink/Blue/Yellow/White
Product size: 3.4*3.5*1.5in
Printing speed: 0.23in/s
Print accuracy: 200 dpi
Printing method: Thermal inkless black and white printing
Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Shipping Times

We currently deliver to the following locations:

Country Processing Shipping
United States 1 Day

7-12 Days

Canada 1 Day

7-12 Days

Mexico 1 Day

6-13 Days

Australia 1 Day

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Brazil 1 Day

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Portugal 1 Day

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Spain 1 Day

7-12 Days

Shipping estimations based on normal conditions. 

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Hey! Say Hi to Your New Study Buddy

Dive into academia with your handy new sidekick. Capture insights, reminders, or just have some fun. We've got your back!

Slide it into your bag or pocket just like your smartphone. Super light, super handy, and ready to roll without weighing you down.

How long do the paper rolls last?

Each roll lasts approximately 50 square dimensioned prints.

How does it work?

Note-N-Joy™ by Doodle Buddy is a thermal printer, so say goodbye to ink! Print photos and docs on-the-go, and leave the mess behind.

iOS & Android Buddy-Up!

Our device pairs seamlessly with the App. Just connect via Bluetooth, and you're set to print from your smartphone with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many prints can I make with each roll?

Each roll lasts approximately 50square dimensioned prints.

What's the difference between the paper rolls?

Sticker paper is easy peel and stick allowing you to take what's in your phone and bring it into reality instantly.
White paper is just plain white paper, perfect for making notes to keep in your pocket ie. grocery lists, to do lists, etc.
Multicolor paper allows you to spice things up with your own creativity color code things the way you like.

How do I connect my phone?

Simply download the app Fun Print from the App Store and connect via Bluetooth.

How is it powered?

The NOTE-N-JOY™ comes with a USB-C charging cable and is rechargable for maximum convenience.