Meet your new space buddy. 🌟

This state-of-the-art light projector is your passport to a nightly star show, designed to bring the beauty of the outer space straight to your room with vivid projections of a star-filled sky and cosmic phenomena.

Light up your literary world

Illuminate your pages with our sleek USB book clip light, available in classic black and elegant white. Enjoy hassle-free recharging and dive into your favorite tales anytime. Perfect for book enthusiasts.

CLIP-N-READ💡™ - Your story's spotlight.


Bring the enchantment of Hogwarts to your desk!

Explore the magical world of Harry Potter with this well-crafted and unique memo notepad. With its intricate 3D design, you will reveal the magnificent Hogwarts as you peel away each sheet.

Unveil a Masterpiece with Every Peel

Experience pure wonder with our memo block as it unveils a mesmerizing 3D sculpture, layer by layer, with every sheet you peel off.

There's a built-in pen holder too, making it super convenient to jot down your thoughts while you uncover the hidden beauty.

Our memo block is no ordinary notepad; it's a mesmerizing journey of discovery.


Notescape Blocks

Hey there! Give a meow-velous welcome to your purrfect study partner! 😸📚

Gone are the days of disorganized notes, tedious drawings, and forgotten slips.

This is every student's secret weapon for this upcoming schoolyear.

Give them the tool they need to take efficient notes, stay organized, and boost productivity.